The Moment of Discovery

Moment of Discovey cover copy

5 hours
4 audio cassette set
ISBN 1-59181-004-3
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 Downloadable MP3 version available for $9.95 at, where you can also listen to an excerpt.

This tape set consists of four fascinating discussions about many aspects of the engaged life, including relationships, spiritual practice, vocation, and social change. Those who are familiar with Harrison’s books will appreciate these explorations of living without reliance on beliefs.

“What Do I Do With My Life?”

Recorded during the Thursday Evening Talks in Boulder in 1998, the tape contains explorations of living without a perspective and presents a dynamic and wide ranging discussion of the following topics:

  • what to do about our lives and what to do with our lives
  • if you had only one question to ask God, what would it be?
  • bringing papayas to the oracle
  • does free will exist or can life be contained by predetermination?
  • and many other topics.

It’s an extended dialog with a sincere questioner who is trying to understand how to make choices that aren’t motivated by self-interest.

“Discovering the Dynamic Question”

In this recording from a morning dialogue in Boulder, Colorado in May, 2000, the discussion ranges over many topics—from the profound recognition of the unknown that is inherent in an understanding of the limitations of thought, to the relationship of consciousness, thought, and intelligence.

“Elizabeth Gips Interviews Steven Harrison”

A fascinating, wide-ranging discussion in which Elizabeth Gips—a long-time spiritual explorer—interviews Steven Harrison for the Changes program on KKUP radio, Santa Cruz, California ( The dialogue begins around the subjects in the book Doing Nothing, but expands to include: quantum reality, beingness and change, response to poverty, engaged living, and much more.

“The End of Effort: Discovering Transformative Energy”

In this challenging dialogue with Steven Harrison the discussion begins with the “nothing that we’ve all been hearing about.” Soon it is discovered that there is something very interesting about nothing. Are we using nothingness as a state to relieve our stress? Do we spend our lives sorting likes and dislikes? Is there an animating energy when we live without a reference? What is the human potential and how do we live it in our day-to-day lives? Will we live it? The nature of virtual spirituality, self-deception, the insignificance of our stories, and other topics are investigated in this 90-minute tape recorded during a morning dialogue in Boulder.