Self-Deception and the Fires of Transformation

Dialogues With Steven Harrison

Self-Deception and the Fires of Transformation

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5 hours

Sentient Publications

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Self Deception and the Fires of Transformation is the distillation of a six-week series of dialogues with Steven Harrison. Harrison guides the participants through a journey of intense self-inquiry with his radical honesty and potent eloquence. Listening to these dialogues, you cannot help but be drawn into your own passion for deep understanding of the questions that illuminate your life.



Topics include:

  • The Spiritual Search and the Postspiritual Reality
  • The Collapse of Thought
  • Self-Concept and the Denial of Death
  • Sublime Confusion: What Can We Truly Know?
  • Surrender, Faith, and the Life of the Heart
  • The Role of Pain in Transformation
  • Personal and Impersonal Relationships
  • The Risk of Creativity and Full Expression
  • Love and Fear
  • The Only One True Action

Please note that this was recorded live, not in a studio. There are fluctuations in the sound quality and the volume will need to be adjusted by the listener. While the content is clear, the recording does contain some unavoidable background noises.