Not Enlightened Enough

Not Enlightened Enough6.5 hours

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We’re not spiritual enough.  We’re not enlightened enough.

Has our spirituality left us with an inner voice of constant correction?  Are we striving relentlessly for self-improvement and the freedom we imagine awaits us in that improved state?

Steven Harrison says that our freedom—our complete, total, final and absolute freedom—lies in the vast realm of the unknown. To enter the unknown we must leave everything that we’ve accumulated, including the wonderful peacefulness of the present moment, which in the end is just one more experience, one more construction of the mind.

Harrison, along with the dialog participants, explores a variety of questions, including:

• Can we really let go from our own will?  Should we let go?
• Is fear actually an attempt to control the energetic movement of life?
• Do we need meaning in order to function?
• Is confusion a valuable state?

This audio program is a compilation of live recordings of dialogs held Germany in 2006, over the course of two weeks.

English with German translation (by Boris Fittkau).