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    philip davies

    I didn’t figure out how to start a new topic. But it does kind of follow on from the creative life theme.

    Concerning a creative life, as far as dialogue is concerned i am clearly solitary. As far as my immediate relationships are concerned, it is merely a deviant and frustrating form of individual expression. This is clearly a society based on an addiction to separation. Even pointing to it in myself is barely tolerated as long as it does not upset supplies to significance, satisfaction and security. There is not a shared intention or vision or need for collaborative dialogue in the way i believe Steven Harrison and contributors to this forum see it.
    Is it a creative act to attempt to seek such a commnunity? I mean, there’s plenty to wade through here in my own particular life situation and relationships – an experience completely dependent on the descriptions, explanations, and evaluations i hold at the time. I’ve got plenty to get on with alone, and yet, i have nothing to get on with. I guess that’s why there’s little to no dialogue going on here: because it comes to an end.
    If the dangers of organisation are perceived, when all those questions of identity are in direct contact and the doer is open to enquiry, is there a place for community or relationship where the possibilty of actual relationship resonates? Motivational speakers and life coaches resound in saying that one should seek the kind of people with the kind of qualities that one wants to become. (yes, become) Surely community can help foster such qualities, as well as hinder.
    Does such a community grow out from intention? Do i need intention to find such relationships or will it happen by itself? What value do internet exchanges hold? We aren’t in direct relationship. Is it then possible that this act is merely to leave this life of direct contact for yet another realm of words and ideas?
    Whatever the case, really, i just have an urge to say hello. Thank you internet!

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