3rd Annual Boulder (No)Retreat: What’s Next?

When: June 13 – June 18, 2017

Where: Boulder, CO


Welcome to the 3rd Annual Boulder No-Retreat!
This event came out of the question: Can the intensity of natural interaction in a living community occur in a temporary setting? (What happens when we see there is “no retreating” from life or one another?) The retreat begins Tuesday, June 13th and goes through Sunday, June 18th – and you can participate in all or part of this time.
There is no charge for this retreat as it is a self-organizing event. You can contribute whatever you feel is appropriate toward the food, and participants will organize how food is going to be prepared. There is no formal retreat staff or organization supporting our time together aside from basic sleeping accommodations and meeting space (which are provided). The presumption is that we will be able to communicate and organize around our mutual needs during this period. That is part of the living question.
There will be a minimal schedule consisting of morning and evening dialogs and movement spaces as well as mountain hikes on relatively mellow trails for those who are interested. There will be ample time for organic interaction among the participants.
While there is no money to collect, we will need to know if you are certain to attend, for space allocation.
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