Beyond Consciousness

Beyond Consciousness Cover 300dpi

3 hrs.
ISBN 1-59181-013-2

Sentient Publications

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Tape 1: Giving Up On Improvement

What does it mean to abandon any hope of improvement and surrender to the actuality of our life? If we create a new spiritual ideal that suggests being “in the moment” will give us peace, what do we do with our conflict and unhappiness? In exhausting all concepts of spirituality we are left with a dynamic movement that is beyond consciousness and yet embedded in our ordinary life. (90 min.)

Tape 2: What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

This dialogue investigates the limitations of experiences of all kinds as the basis for understanding. In asking the question, “What do I really want?” the individual sees both the drive for “good” experiences and the rejection of “bad” experiences. This opens the possibility of discovering a deep desire that has nothing to do with any particular state of mind. (90 min.)